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WD My Passport For Mac (Best Overall) The Western Digital 2TB My Passport For Mac is the perfect. Now, the next generation Thunderbolt 2 which is already on the Mac Pro, MacBook Pro, Mac mini and iMac with 5K display has twice the speed of the original Thunderbolt I/O bringing it up to 20 Gbps, using two 10Gbps channels. Unless specified, it is safe to assume that most portable hard drives are based on the first generation Thunderbolt.

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Best portable external drives for your Mac or PC

With more and more laptops and devices being equipped with flash memory, that often means it becomes too expensive to get a good amount of storage built-in.

And, with so many more of us travelling around for work, working from home or needing to use more than one machine, it's more important than ever to have an external drive of sorts.

Thankfully, there's a lot of them around. And most of the portable options are small enough to go in a pocket.

There's both SSD (solid state) and HDD (more traditional style hard-drive), with the former being a bit more expensive, but also faster, smaller and more portable. They're also more likely to last you a long time because there are no moving parts. For editing movies and photos on an external drive, nothing really gets the job done like an SSD.

Thunderbolt drives for mac

We've tested each of the following, using each of them to edit 4K video footage in Final Cut Pro, keeping the original files on the external drive, and each of them performed really well, with no real frame-drop issues, slow export or render times. So, regardless of which of the following you get, you'll enjoy the speediness and efficiency.

Judging them based on portability, design, performance and value for money, here are our top picks.

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Thunderbolt External Hard Drive Mac

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