Kyocera Scanner Driver For Mac

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KYOCERA Quick Scan is a tool easy to use which allows you to scan documents with easy set-up. Supported devices; Ecosys-M5526cdw, M5526cdn, M5521cdw, M5521cdn 1.0.810. FAX driver: 7.0.1002: 49.15 MB KX XPS driver (certified and signed by Microsoft) 1.2.2419: 19.60 MB Scanner driver (TWAIN / WIA) 2.0.1227: 20.05 MB FAX driver: 3.8.2310: 15.60 MB KX driver (certified and signed by Microsoft) 5.3.1219.

Kyocera Scanner Driver For Mac

This is the steps you can take if the Kyocera 5551ci isn't printing on a Mac because it no longer provides a location to enter a job accounting ID. You will make two presets that will set up B&W and color, and from there everything else can be tweaked from the standard MacOS printer dialog.

4 Steps total

Step 1: Remove the Kyocera from System Preferences.

Click on the Apple logo in the top left, then System Preferences -> Printers and Scanners. Locate and select the Kyocera printer, then click the '-' button under the list of printers to remove it.

Step 2: Download the newest Kyocera Drivers.

Download the Mac Print Driver v4.1.2018.10.08, run the install as normal. Link to the driver support page is in References.

Step 3: Re-Add the Kyocera printer

Under the Printers and Scanners page from step 1, click the '+' button under the list, then select 'IP' at the top of the new window. The options should be set as follows:


Address: IP address of the printer
Protocol: HP Jetdirect - Socket

Name: Kyocera 5551ci (you can change this to something recognizable for the user)


Use: Kyocera CS 5551ci (KPDL)

Click 'Add' to add the printer to the list.

Step 4: Create the presets for job accounting

This may take some trial and error. The problem that most built-in MacOS programs have modified print dialog pages. You'll want to use a program that is third-party, but don't use Google apps. Google hates having to do things in a guest mode so unless the user has set up auto sync, use something else.
Find something to print, tell it to print, then under the dialog, make sure it's using the system dialog.


You'll want to click Show Details, then towards the bottom, select the dropdown (it will usually display the application name by default) and there should be a 'Print Panel' option.

Select that, then 'Settings...'.

In the new window, select 'Job' on the left. Then check the box under 'Job Accounting' and enter the user's Job ID number.

At this point, I'll usually create a preset for color and another for black and white. On the left, select Imaging, then choose either color or B&W based on preference, and then select OK.

Under the Presets dropdown, select 'Save Current Settings as Preset', then give it an easy to recognize name and make sure 'Use only for this printer' is checked, then click 'OK'. Do the same thing for the other color preference.

Kyocera Driver Download

Published: Dec 04, 2018 ยท Last Updated: Nov 14, 2018


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